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 The Classique Vanities web site has been designed so as to provide

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If you would like more information about our Bathroom Vanities
and our RenuBath services or you have any questions that
remain unanswered then please contact us via our
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You can also use our social media platforms to ask questions of
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Q. How much do Designer Vanities cost?

Our Vanities are very affordable but the cost depends on the size and style of your requested vanity so if you would like exact pricing our staff will give you details that you require.

Q. What standards do you use for your Vanities?

Fully recessed toe kick for easy tiling and cleaning, 16mm void for “out of square” walls on all our corner units.

Best quality Fully Adjustable metal hinges with life time warranties standard on all vanity cabinets.

Q. What about the standards for your Doors?

We use 2 Pac Gloss: A fully sealed 2 Pac painted finish with a superb depth of colour that will brighten up the darkest of bathrooms.

Q. What Kind of Warranty or Guarantee do you have?

We offer an exclusive 12 year warranty on all of our Vanities but normal manufactures warranties cover bowls and accessories.

Q. What is a RenuBath Bathtub Liner?

The ‘RenuBath’ bath tub liner is a brand new bath that is custom manufactured from a high impact stain resistant acrylic that is thermoformed to fit perfectly over your old bath.

Q. How long will RenuBath last?

With the correct care, the baths durable acrylic finish will keep its high-gloss indefinitely and it won’t fade, peel or discolour.

Q. Why not just replace my old bath?

The replacement cost of a standard new bath can be between $1,500 and $2,500. It is also necessary to disturb the plumbing, tiling and walls. This process can take up to 3 days.

Q. Why not resurface or spray paint my old bath?

Repeat applications will be needed every 1 to 3 years due to cracking, peeling and discolouration.

Q. Do tiles need to be removed?

Absolutely not!   ‘RenuBath’ bath liners are trimmed and fitted flush to match the contours of your tile walls.

Q. Who will do the installation and how long will it take?

Trained installers will complete the job in less than half a day. Your new ‘RenuBath’ bath is ready for use the same day.

Q. How can I renovate my bathroom and still use my bath or shower the same day?

Our ‘RenuBath’ liners are fitted in under 3 hours and are ready for use in 1 hour.